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Airshos Archive - 2013
AIAS 2013 - Avalon Airport
Phantom Phlyout - Wittmund AB
NATO Days 2013 - Ostrava

AIAS 2013 - Avalon / AUS

The AUSTRALIAN INTERNATIONAL AIRSHOW and AEROSPACE & DEFENCE EXHIBITION (AIAS) is always a highlight on the Australian and international ... read more

PHANTOM Phlyout - Wittmund / D

On the 31st of August 1973 the first of two McDonnell Douglas F-4F PHANTOM II landed at the Luftwaffe airbase in Wittmundhafen. Almost exactly 40 years ... read more

NATO Days 2013 - Ostrava / CZ

An aviation exhibition not only reveals the performance of the global aviation market, it can also be a strong indicator of a states economic power and this is especially ...  read more


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