Re(tro)views 2015

AIAS 2015
Classic Fighters 2015 - Omaka
RIAT 2015 _ RAF Fairford

AIAS 2015 - Avalon Airport

The Australian International Airshow 2015 was held from 24th February to 1st March 2015 at Avalon airport located some 55 kms to the southwest of Melbourne.  ... read more

Classic Fighters 2015 - Omaka

Located  in  the  picturesque  Marlborough  region  of  New  Zealand’s  South  Island,  Omaka  airfield  is situated approximately four kilometres ... read more

RIAT 2015 - RAF Fairford

To write about the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) would be like, as the famous saying goes, carrying coals to Newcastle. While a considerable amount of ... read more

Dawlish Airshow 2015
MAKS 2015

Dawlish Airshow 2015  -  UK

Dawlish can be found on the beautiful South Coast of England in the county of Devon, perhaps best known in Europe for the damage it sustained during the very heavy ... read more

MAKS 2015  -  Zhukovsky/Russia

An aviation exhibition not only reveals the performance of the global aviation market, it can also be a strong indicator of a states economic power and this is especially  ... read more


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